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@iamsavi | Aaron Avila
My name is Aaron Avila aka @iamsavi on Instagram. I'm a photographer based in Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia.
Having an eidetic memory ( also referred to as a photographic memory ), is the ability to recall memories so vividly it's as if they were photographs. In my case, I have a terrible memory and find I take a lot of photos to compensate.
Welcome to my "eidetic memory".
Featuring a curated collection of aerial, landscape and wildlife artwork, each image a snapshot in time of the many amazing locations I've had the privilege to explore and capture.
I hope you enjoy my unique perspective. Thank you for visiting Eidetic Memories.
@iamsavi | Aaron Avila
ps. you can also special request prints of images from my Instagram. Just send me a message and i'll see what I can do! :)
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